Get Summer Ready Workout

Get summer ready workout

get summer ready now

It has been a little colder this past week, but you know that warm summer sun is coming!  It is time to get active, train hard, and get ready for tanks, shorts, and swimsuits now.

Only 4 Weeks ’til Summer! Get Summer Ready!!

This Get Summer Ready Workout focuses on burning calories while training the backside of your body along with your core.

Get summer readyWarm up:  Walk 10 minutes (or walk 5 min, jog 5 minutes).

Perform following exercises in a circuit format (go through each exercise with no breaks in between):

  • Step ups (targets legs, butt, and balance):  Step onto a higher surface 15-25x on the right leg. Stay slow & controlled both directions of the movement.
  • Tricep Dips (targets back of arms):  Keep shoulders down as you bend and straighten elbows.  Never lock out elbows at the top.  Repeat for 10-25 reps.  Modify by pulling knees in closer towards body.
  • Hills (targets cardio and backside of body):  walk up hill 1x, jog up hill 1x, run up hill 1x & repeat for 5 minutes. Modify by walking 3 different speeds and keep upper body relaxed, but abs contracted.
  • Balance Work (targets legs, butt, and balance):  Stand tall on your right leg and keep your chest open as you tilt forward from hip. There is a slight bend in your right (standing leg), then tilt back up using your butt to a tall position again.  Repeat 10-25x.  Modify by keeping your left toe on the ground.
  • Arm Grab Squat & Lift (core, legs, and butt):  Grab your right wrist with your left hand (only if you can keep your chest open throughout the movement), squat back then pull your right arm across to the left and over your shoulder while keeping your abs engaged. Squat back again bringing hands back to center and repeat 15-25x. Check out video on Facebook or Instagram to see the exercise in action.

Repeat the exercise sequence leading with the opposite leg or arm when applicable for 1-3 sets.

Stretch:  Hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds and focus on breath and relaxation.

Thoughts of Joy

“Movement is joy.”  – Marty Rubin


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  1. Lookin’ Great Joy!
    Wonderful Week end …lots and sun and actually some sudden down pours…to keep the grass and flowers goin’

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