5 Mile Walk/Jog/Run

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If you are looking to increase your mileage, then try interval training (repeating lower and higher intensities for a given amount of time).  Don’t be afraid to start at a slower pace, and build on your speed.  It’s important to train smart.  There are so many ways to do it – here’s an example 5 Mile Walk/Jog/Run below:

5 Mile Walk Jog Run

Runners:  Notice you are just increasing your pace on your harder “work” intervals.  If you want to alternate your run with a slower pace jog, go for it!  There’s no wrong way to do this…as long as you have good form.

Good Form =

  • looking ahead
  • shoulders low and loose
  • arms swing forward/back (not across body)
  • contract abs in below belly button
  • hit the ground lightly and quietly

Walkers:  Pick 4 speeds to complete this workout. Do this by moving at a quicker pace, don’t take longer strides to increase intensity.  On your last fast interval, could you try taking it to an easy jog?  If the answer is no, that is fine too. Always listen to your body.


4 thoughts on “5 Mile Walk/Jog/Run

  1. Thanks for this quote and plan, Joy.
    It’s inspiring and instructive for me – great combination.

    • Hey Brandon, You’ve been doing some pretty good hikes though, so if you start running on flat terrain – you’ll do great! Have a great day!! 🙂

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