Pilates Side Leg Series

pilates side leg series

The Pilates side leg series will tone your core and outer thighs while increasing hip flexibility.  The key is to keep your upper body (hips to your head) as still as possible as your legs do the movements.  You can prop your head in your hand (pictured here) or rest your head down on your arm, either way.

Pilates Side Leg Series

Forward Back Leg Swings:  Lift your top leg about hip width and flex your foot as you swing your leg forward slowly (don’t round your back).  Point your toes and swing your leg back without arching your spine.

Passe:  Pull the knee up as high as your hip will allow, kick or extend the leg up towards the ceiling, then with a straight leg, press your top leg into your bottom leg.   Repeat for 5-10 reps, then reverse the motion.  Raise the leg straight up, bend the knee, and then slide your top foot along the bottom foot and press your inner thighs together.

Hot Potato:  Lift your leg up and lengthen your leg as much as possible.  Rotate your toes to point down towards the ground.  Tap your toe in front, make an arch and tap your toe behind you.  Repeat front to back toe taps for 20 reps.

Repeat all exercises on the opposite side (leg).

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