Gotta Travel? Do These 3 Exercises While on the Road…

Are you traveling this spring for work or fun? Don’t forget to pack a resistance tube for these three exercises. You will hit back, chest, core, legs, hips, balance, and your heart.

total body tubing


Attach the tubing around any stable surface (such as a tree or heavy table leg) – to anchor, just loop handle through the other handle. Complete one minute on each side and repeat 1-2 times and you are done with your strength training for the day! Yay!!

If you are planning a long road trip, make sure to take breaks along the way and extend your spine like this…

Hold for 2-5 breaths. Your body will thank you!

We are doing a major road trip to Utah for red rocks, sun, hiking, biking, and more! So don’t forget to follow me on Facebook or Insta for some fun photos. 🙂

I’ll post another workout in a couple weeks.

Thoughts of Joy

“The joy of travel is in the wandering.”   – Joe Robinson

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  1. Wishing you safe traveling in that awesome “Sprinter V” and keep those awesome routines and photo coming. Enjoy the time off together…

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